Retirement Calculator

See how saving part of your paycheck can help support your retirement goals

Use this handy retirement calculator to see how your contributions can add up. All inputs are based on Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and their contribution limits.

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How this calculator works

The calculations made with this calculator are not intended to be considered as financial advice, nor are they guarantees. This calculator provides an estimate of your potential retirement savings with a Roth IRA over time. You should not rely on this data as an accurate prediction of your future savings or returns.

This Roth IRA Retirement calculator is based on some assumptions:

  • The assumed inflation rate has been set to 3%.

  • The assumed investment rate of return is 6%.

  • The calculator assumes you will live until you are 90 years old.

  • The calculator assumes you will retire no later than 80 years old.